Lot Line Adjustments


  • A lot line adjustment accommodates a transfer or combination of land between adjacent separate lots.
  • Lot line adjustments do NOT create additional lots or building sites.
  • The purpose of a lot line adjustment allows legal transfer of ownership and minor relocation of property boundaries or combining lots for any recorded or unrecorded, subdivided parcel.

Application Process

Step 1 - Pre-application Conference

The applicant should discuss the proposal with Planning staff prior to submission of the formal application. This may be done over the counter without an appointment.

Step 2 - Filing of Application

Following the meeting with staff, the applicant should submit the following items:
  • Completed Development Review Application with $150 fee
  • Completed Carver County Application to Combine Real Estate Parcels
  • Deed(s)
  • Legal Description
  • Survey showing all parcels involved in the lot line adjustment
  • Hard surface coverage calculations
  • Lot areas
  • Setbacks
  • Existing easements
  • Proposed easement vacation, if necessary (requires separate application, fees and a public hearing)
  • Dedication of new easements (legal descriptions)
  • Bank/Mortgage Holder Release, if necessary
  • Property Identification Numbers (PIDs) of affected parcels
  • Recent copy of title commitment (within last 6 months)

Step 3 - Review

Submitted information will be forwarded to City Attorney's office for review and determination of property type (Abstract or Torrens). Additional fees will be calculated at that time. County and Attorney fees will vary based on the type of property being conveyed.

Breakdown of Additional Fees

Flat recording fee per deed
 State Deed Tax
If exchange is under $500
 Conservation Fund Fee

 Average Attorney Time
30 minutes per deed
Allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing.

Step 4 - Recording of Documents

Within 30 days after approval, the applicant or the city attorney shall file the documents with the county recorder and furnish the city evidence of such recording. Failure to comply shall be cause for revoking the city's approval.

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