2020 Sealcoat Project


The City of Chanhassen is planning to sealcoat approximately 5.75 miles of local streets throughout the City this summer (see the project map).  The City sealcoats streets as a preventative maintenance practice, which extends the service life of the pavement while avoiding more costly improvement projects such as overlays, reclamations, and reconstructions.

Sealcoating is the process of applying an emulsion oil to the pavement surface followed by an application of rock chips, which are then rolled and pressed into the oil creating a thin, new wear surface.  Any excess rock chips are swept up within a few days after they are initially placed, and a follow-up sweeping occurs three weeks later. The sealcoating process moves along quite rapidly, therefore, any delays in travel should be minimal. 

The day prior to the sealcoat operation within the project area, temporary “No Parking” signs will be placed in the boulevard.  Please refrain from parking vehicles, trailers, running sprinkler systems, or placing landscape material of any kind on the city streets where “No Parking” signs are present.  The signs will be removed after completion of the sealcoat application.

2020 Sealcoat Location Map


Bid Opening - March 26, 2020
Award of Contract - April 13, 2020
Preconstruction Meeting - Late Spring, 2020

Construction Schedule:

Crack SealingJune 8, 2020
SealcoatingJuly 9, 2020
Initial Sweeping of RockJuly 16, 2020
Follow-up Sweeping of RockAugust 9, 2020