Medallion Hunt


The 2022 February Festival Medallion hunt, sponsored by Charter Bank Chanhassen will begin Monday, January 31 at 9am. Clues will be posted here, on this webpage at 9am each weekday beginning January 31 and ending Friday, February 4, or when the medallion is found. Clues will also be posted on the front door of Charter Bank in Chanhassen, at 455 Pond Promenade. The winner of the hunt will receive a prize pack valued at over $500!

Medallion Hunt Rules

  1. The medallion will be hidden in a Chanhassen City-owned park. These spaces are open to the public from 6am-10pm. Please conduct your search during these regular park hours. 
  2. Search, but do not destroy or damage any property. The City of Chanhassen reserves the right to discontinue the hunt if the property becomes damaged. The medallion will not be hidden underground, or under any skating surface; nor will it be hidden at a height requiring special equipment to find it. A shovel may be useful if it is buried in the snow, but a metal detector is not needed as the medallion is acrylic. 
  3. Clue #1 will be posted Monday, January 31 at 9am. New clues will be posted daily at 9am and can be found at these locations: 
    1. Here, on this webpage
    2. The front door of Charter Bank in Chanhassen at 455 Pond Promenade 
  4. If the medallion is not found by 4pm on Friday, February 4, the City of Chanhassen reserves the right to discontinue the hunt and donate the prize to a local charity. 
  5. All participants agree that the City of Chanhassen and its medallion hunt partners and sponsors will have no liability and will be held harmless by participants for any injuries, losses, or damages sustained while participating in the medallion hunt. 
  6. Employees of the City of Chanhassen and medallion hunt organizers and immediate family members are not eligible to win. 
  7. If you find the medallion:
    1. Take a photo of the location where you found it and a photo of you with the medallion at the site.
    2. Call 952-227-1122 or come to Chanhassen City Hall at 7700 Market Blvd. (open 8am-4:30pm, M-F) to confirm your win and claim your prize.  

2022 Medallion Hunt Clues

The first clue will be posted here, and at Charter Bank Chanhassen (455 Pond Promenade) on Monday, January 31 at 9am. 

2021 Medallion Hunt 

Congratulations to Ben Allrich of Chanhassen for finding the 2021 FebFest Medallion! Ben found the medallion in a grove of trees near the Lake Ann Park fishing dock. Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s hunt! 

2021 Clues with Explanations

Day 1
Hi again friends, long time no see.
I’m ready for the game where you come find me!
This is such a fun time of the year,
You may have to venture far or near.
It’s a bit chilly, so you may need extra layers,
I wish luck to all of this year’s players!
Clue: It is located outside!

Day 2
I’m trying to decide what places I’d like to see,
Maybe Washington and Oregon, somewhere by the sea.
Between the North Star and the Sunset,
Where two cardinal directions have always met.
Oh, how I love to go out and explore,
These are just thoughts I have as I sit by the shore.
Clue: It is located near a shore on the Northwestern side of town.

Day 3
I’ve heard from locals, that we’ve been here before,
25 years since the number prior to four.
A place for the community to enjoy and unwind,
This place that I’m at is first of its kind.
Festivities and fun are nothing new here,
This month is our favorite time of the year.
Clue: FebFest has typically been held at Lake Ann for 25 years. Lake Ann Park is the first Community park of Chanhassen.

Special thanks to Charter Bank and our community event sponsors for making this year's medallion hunt possible!

  1. Priya Tandon

    Recreation Coordinator
    Phone: (952) 227-1122