Office of the Fire Marshal


The Chanhassen Fire Department Fire Marshal’s office works closely with the Chanhassen building department as plans for new buildings are submitted. Plans are reviewed to ensure they are in compliance with Minnesota Fire Codes, as well as NFPA Fire Codes. Frequent fire inspections are conducted as the building is being constructed in order to ensure compliance. This would include fire sprinkler systems, fire alarms, smoke evacuation systems, and any other life safety requirements. Before the occupants are allowed to move into the building, a thorough final inspection is conducted. Periodic fire inspections are conducted to ensure the building safety features are maintained and kept in proper working order ensure employees and the public are kept safe.


The Chanhassen Fire Department has two full time staff that are on call to investigate any and all fires that happen in the City. Fire investigations could be as simple as a 10-minute interview with a home or business owner, or more involved where assistance would be needed from the Minnesota State Fire Marshal’s Office as well as private fire investigators.

Fire Prevention

The Chanhassen Fire Department is very active with fire prevention activities throughout the year. This includes the annual open house which draws in excess of 1,000 residents. In addition, there are numerous activities that the Fire Department also participates in. A few of these include National Night Out, fire station tours, school visits, fire extinguisher training and community CPR/AED training.