Chanhassen’s Trail System

Chanhassen prides itself on providing a comprehensive, multipurpose trail system. With only a few exceptions, trails are readily available to all neighborhoods in Chanhassen.

The city has built and maintains 65 miles of trails. Many of the city’s trails are located in natural resource corridors. Whether you enjoy a morning run, evening walk, an afternoon of rollerblading, or a healthy bike ride, Chanhassen’s trails are for you!

Quality Trail System

A quality trail system is one of the top investments a community can make in its future. The overall health and fitness levels of people nationwide are on a steady decline. The provision of outdoor park and recreation facilities, such as trails, is essential if we hope to reverse this trend.

The experiences gained while utilizing trails gives people satisfaction and improves their quality of life. A brisk walk is often the difference between a bad day and a good one.
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Social Benefits of Trail System

The social benefits we realize from our trail system are immeasurable. Trails connect people on a human level. In an ever-increasing mobile world, trails are one of the few public improvements that actually get people out of their cars.

Trails build strong families by providing for an activity in which all family members may participate. Make time tonight to get out on the trails – it just might be a life changing experience!

​Pets on City Trails 

City Code prohibits pets from being in Chanhassen's parks. However, leashed pets are welcome on city trails. Please note: for the health and safety of school children, please do not walk pets on school playfields and grounds. 

Minnesota River Bluffs Trail Closure

August 7,2014
A portion of the Minnesota River Bluffs LRT Regional Trail remains closed between Pioneer Trail in Eden Prairie and Highway 101 in Chanhassen due to significant mudslides and unsafe conditions. Barricades and signs are in place, and no travel is permitted on this part of the trail. At this time there is no estimated reopening date. Repairs will involve clean-up, stabilization of the steep slopes, and restoration of the aggregate trail surface. The trail corridor is owned by the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority (HCRRA), and accordingly the decisions regarding repair will be under their authority. Three Rivers Park District operates the trail on a 16-foot wide easement within the rail corridor. Park District staff will continue to work with HCRRA as plans are made to deal with the damage.