City Code


The Chanhassen City Code is updated electronically on an as-needed basis. Click on the City Code button below to be redirected to the online version.
City Code
This version includes all ordinances (up to and including Ordinance 652) adopted through December 9, 2019. Listed below are the ordinances that have been adopted and/or published since that date:
Ordinance No.
Date Approved
Amending Chapter 20, Zoning Rezoning the Moments of Chanhassen property from Rural Residential (RR) District to High Density Residential (R-16) District  4/13/2020
Amending Chapter 20, Zoning Amending the Paisley Park Planned Unit Development 5/27/2020
Amending Chapter 6, Boats and Waterways concerning slow-no wake restrictions 5/27/2020

Amending Chapter 20, Zoning to remove residential restrictions for Regional/Lifestyle Center Planned Unit Developments 6/22/2020
Amending Chapter 20, Zoning, Rezoning 188+/- acres from A-2 to PUD Regional Commercial (Avienda) 7/13/2020
Amending Chapter 20, Zoning, PUD Amendment for Chaparral, Chaparral 2nd Addition and Chaparral 3rd Addition 7/27/2020
Amending Chapter 20, Zoning to remove 1"=200' Scale Mylar Requirements 9/28/2020
Amending Chapter 20, Zoning, IOP District Permitted Accessory Uses Numbering 9/28/2020
Amending Chapter 20, Zoning, to permit the construction of certain structures on outlots 10/12/2020

Amending Chapter 1, General Provisions, Chapter 2, Administration, Chapter 7, Building and Building Regulations, and Chapter 19, Water, Sewers, And Sewage Disposal, of The Chanhassen City Code 12/07/2020
Amending Chapter 20, Zoning, Rezoning approximately 9.03 acres to Planned Unit Development-Residential. (Lake Lucy Island) 12/14/2020
Amending Chapter 20, Zoning, Amending the Gateway of Chanhassen PUD to allow an automotive repair shop with standards 12/14/2020
Amending Chapter 4, Fees 12/14/2020


The code of the City of Chanhassen, Minnesota, is published online as a convenience to citizens and the business community. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the material published online, the only official edition of the city code is the printed version maintained at city hall. Downloaded versions are not official.


The city council may have made amendments, additions or deletions to the city code subsequent to the latest online version of the code. Pending code amendments and ordinances can be viewed HERE.
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