Private Kennel Licensing Code Amendment


The City’s private kennel license requirement is neither followed nor aggressively enforced, and, as a result of this, it does not serve its intended function.


The City requires residents to apply for and receive an annual private kennel license if they have more than two dogs, more than 3 cats, or any combination of more than 4 dogs and cats. Staff believes that a very small percentage of residents who meet this requirement have the required private kennel license, and the City has not enforced the license requirement. In practice, the City uses the nuisance ordinance to address complaints related to animal noise, animals running at large, offensive odors, and other issues that intersect with the requirements and restrictions of the private kennel license. 

Staff does not believe that the private kennel license serves its intended function. Without requiring residents to register dogs and cats with the City, there is no practical way to identify properties that require a private kennel license, and unless the City is willing to utilize the court system to compel residents without a private kennel license to surrender their pets, the license requirement cannot be used as an enforcement tool. Since the existing nuisance and animal ordinances provide adequate enforcement mechanisms, the private kennel license is an unnecessary and ineffective administrative requirement. Removing this requirement will remove an administrative duty from staff and eliminate the need for residents to apply for and pay for an annual permit that does not serve its intended function.

The following sections of the Chanhassen City Code are subject to changes:

  • Chapter 1 (General Provisions)
  • Chapter 5 (Animals and Fowl)
  • Chapter 20 (Zoning) 

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Date Meeting Type Action
December 7, 2021 Planning Commission TBD
January 10, 2022 City Council TBD