Beachlots and Associated Standards


The following map/list represents the City of Chanhassen Beachlots and their associated standards.

Beachlot Location Map

Click on the corresponding link in the table below the map to view the Standards associated with the desired Beachlot Site #. File information is informational only. Click on the map to view a printable map in pdf format.
  1. Joe Seidl

    Water Resources Engineer
    Phone: (952) 227-1168

Beach Lots 11x17 w-26

Site #


File Description/#

1OlivewoodConditional Use Permit 94-02Standards
2Minnewashta Manor HOA                   Non-Conforming Use Permit 92-10Standards
3Boyer Lake MinnewashtaConditional User Permit 02-02Standards
4Boyer's Sterling Estate Beachlot HOA    Non-Conforming Use Permit 93-03Standards
5Minnewashta Shores HOANon-Conforming Use Permit 92-09Standards
6Minnewashta Heights HOANon-Conforming Use Permit 92-06Standards
7Minnewashta Landing AssociationConditional Use Permit 94-05Standards
8Schmids Acres HOANon-Conforming Use Permit 93-01Standards
9Minnewashta Creek HOANon-Conforming Use Permit 92-01Standards
10Pleasant Acres HOANon-Conforming Use Permit 92-05Standards
11Stratford Ridge HOAConditional User Permit 87-17Standards
12Red Cedar CoveConditional Use Permit 85-09 & 85-10Standards
13Trolls-Glen HOANon-Conforming Use Permit 92-2Standards
14Ches Mar TrailsConditional Use Permit 91-04Standards
15Lake Lucy Ridge HOAPlanning Case No. 17-04Standards
16Near Mountain Lake AssociationConditional Use Permit 87-13Standards
17Sunrise Hills HOANon-Conforming Use Permit 92-04Standards
18Frontier Trail HOANon-Conforming Use 92-03 &
Conditional Use Permit 82-06

19Kurvers Point HOAConditional Use Permit 87-12Standards
20Colonial Grove HOA/Lotus Lake Betterment Assoc.Conditional User Permit 84-02Standards
20Colonial Grove HOA/Lotus Lake BettermentNon-Conforming Use Permit 93-02
21Lotus Lake HOAConditional Use Permit 79-06
Conditional Use Permit 84-02
22Lake View Apartments HOA - LakesideNon-Conforming Use Permit 92-08Standards
23North Bay Recreation Beach LotConditional Use Permit 99-01Standards
24Sunny Slope HOANon-Conforming Use Permit 92-07Standards
25Lake Riley Woods HOAConditional Use Permit 86-4Standards
26Lake Minnewashta Regional ParkConditional Use Permit 75-2Standards