Administrative Duties of City Officers


Section 2-16 of the City Code establishes specific departments and officers, but does not align with Minnesota Statute.

Staff is recommending that these sections of the City Code be repealed to eliminate confusion and allow flexibility in adapting the organization structure to meet current city needs.


Currently there are several sections in City Code that prescribe organizational structure and duties of city officers. The duties of city officers are also prescribed in statute.  Specifically, the duties of the City Manager can be found in Minnesota Statute, section 412.651. The provisions in City Code do not reflect the city’s current organization and may in some cases conflict with statute.

The following sections of the Chanhassen City Code is subject to changes:

  • Section 2-16 - Departments and Officers Established
  • Section 2-17 - Organization Structure
  • Section 2-19 - Office of City Clerk and City Manager 

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Date Meeting Type Action
December 7, 2020 City Council Approved