Lake Lucy Ln and Powers Blvd Watermain Extensions Project


Watermain loops are essential to any robust and healthy water system network. Looping improves reliability by feeding water from two directions rather than one, which subsequently allows service to continue during an event that may otherwise cause disruption to water service, such as a watermain break or scheduled maintenance. Looping can also reduce water quality problems by allowing circulation even at times of low flow which prevents mineral precipitants from collecting at low points in the pipeline. Additionally, looped systems also permit greater water flow to an area when there is a fire or other source of high demand.

Two critical areas in need of either a watermain loop or reinstituting a failed watermain loop were identified by staff in the Lake Lucy Lane and Powers Boulevard Watermain Extensions Project No. 20-04.

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  2. Erik Henricksen

    Project Engineer
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Lake Lucy Lane Watermain Extension (Base Bid)

Within the city's high pressure zone there is a large service area located between Galpin Boulevard and Powers Boulevard, north of Lake Lucy Road, that is fed by a single feed point and is not currently looped (see image below). Watermain within the single feed point area has experienced multiple breaks which has escalated the need for a secondary feed point to loop the system to alleviate possible issues. While the system could be back fed with the low pressure zone in an emergency situation and during watermain repairs, it creates adverse pressure scenarios for users in these areas, and in a worse case scenario adverse fire flow conditions.

Lucy Lane Exhibit

Due to the critical need to loop the high pressure zone in this area, staff designed a watermain alignment that utilizes existing unimproved public right-of-way. The new alignment will create the much needed looped water system in the area which will ensure better serviceability, reliability, and water quality to users.

Powers Boulevard Watermain Extension (Bid Alt)

An existing 8" CIP watermain installed in 1971 and abutting Powers Boulevard has experienced a series of breaks. The breaks occurred within the area of a retaining wall that supports a public trail on the east side of Powers Boulevard. As this retaining wall has geogrid reinforcement located above the watermain, staff determined that the watermain coupled with its location makes it essentially unmaintainable and the watermain should be relocated. In the fall of 2018 the city's utility department installed a plug north of the retaining wall and closed the valve to the south in order to isolate the failing section of watermain (see image below). This has eliminated the loop for this section of the city's water system while it is temporarily being back fed further to the north.

Powers Blvd Exhibit

Working with Carver County, staff designed a new watermain alignment on the west side of Powers Boulevard ensuring minimum impact to the County's right-of-way. The new alignment will also facilitate long-term maintenance along with reinstituting the looped water system in the area which will ensure better serviceability and water quality to users.

Both project areas will be built in accordance with the city's 2020 Standard Specifications and Detail Plates and will secure all appropriate permits from regulatory agencies including Carver County and the Minnesota Department of Health. Construction plans and specifications are attached for reference while both are undergoing quality assurance and quality control reviews.

Project Updates

October 20, 2020

The new watermain is complete in the Lake Lucy Lane portion of the project.  Crews will be testing it out the rest of this week and restoration will follow as the weather allows.  The watermain is in place and directionally drilled out in the Powers Boulevard portion of the project.  Watermain connections will take place this week.  Any interruption in service needed to make these connections will be communicated directly to impacted residents.

October 15, 2020

There will be a planned water shut-off for the Whitetail Ridge area of the Lake Lucy Lane portion of the project.  It is scheduled for Monday, October 19th.  Residents who will be impacted by the shut-off will be notified directly by the contractor tomorrow.  Watermain work should wrap up by the middle of next week and then testing and restoration will follow.  Watermain work is also underway on the Powers Boulevard portion of the project.  We anticipate this work to be finishing up by the end of the week, with testing and restoration to follow as well.

October 12, 2020

The Lake Lucy Lane portion of this project is set to begin major construction activities on Monday, October 12th.   Repairing a catch basin, site preparations for the horizontally drilled watermain extension, drilling operations and site rehabilitation will all be taking place.  

It is anticipated that on Tuesday, October 13th, the road will be closed for the day as pictured below. This will be a one day closure, and all affected residents will be required to use the detour routes illustrated.  Notifications have been sent to directly impacted neighborhoods.

Road Closure Exhibit
It is anticipated that on Wednesday, October 14th, Whitetail Ridge and a portion of Crestview Circle residents’ water services will be shut down from 9AM to 2PM.  Impacted homes are illustrated below, and notification to affected residents will be provided 48 hours in advance.  The shutdown is required in order to tie the newly extended watermain into the existing watermain. 

September 24, 2020

Widmer Construction, LLC is the apparent low bidder.  A resolution to accept the bid and award the contract is scheduled to go before council on September 28, 2020.  If the resolution is approved, construction could start as early as the first week of October.


The proposed project schedule is as follows:

Lake Lucy Lane and Powers Boulevard Watermain Extensions Project   
Advertise for Bids August 27, 2020
Bid Opening September 17, 2020
City Council Meeting -Accept Bid & Award Contract September 28, 2020
Start Construction October 5, 2020
Substantial Completion November 6, 2020
Final Completion Summer 2021
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