GIS / Maps

What is GIS?

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is the combination of spatial locations and database entries (or attributes) used to assist with decision making and understanding spatial relationships. The City of Chanhassen has been using GIS for mapping support and data analysis for departments within the city for around 25 years. The maps provided in the links on this page were created using the City’s GIS.

  1. Dennis Tumberg

    GIS Specialist
    Phone: (952) 227-1172

Available Maps

5-Year Street Improvement Program Projects
This maps shows the proposed 5-year Street Improvement Projects.

Base / Street
This map shows all the streets in the city.

Bluff Creek Overlay District
This map shows the portion of the city located with the Bluff Creek Overlay District.

Crime Statistics
Carver County Crime Mapping web site. View crime statistics from the previous year as well as a four-year comparison.

Two electric companies, Xcel Energy and Minnesota Valley Electric, serve the city of Chanhassen. This map shows the service areas of those companies.

Land Inventory
This map indicates commercial and industrial land that is available for development in the city. Click on the property number to find out information about the property and who to contact for more information.

Land Use
The Comprehensive Plan guides the city’s land uses, which includes residential, commercial, office, industrial, parks and open space, and mixed uses. The land use map reflects these designations.

Public Facilities
This map shows the location of all public buildings in the city.

Road Weight Restrictions
Each year during the spring thaw (typically early-March to mid-May), State, County and Local highway authorities impose axle weight restrictions to protect their roadways. This map shows the weight restrictions enforced during this time period on all city roads.

School District
This map shows the school district boundary line between Minnetonka School District 276 and Eastern Carver County School District 112 as well as the location of public and private schools in Chanhassen.

Siren Locations
This map identifies all siren locations in Chanhassen and also provides each siren's range.

Parks and Trails
This map shows the City’s park and trail system.

Voting Precincts
This map shows Chanhassen’s voting precincts and polling place locations.

Zip Code
The city of Chanhassen is served by three zip codes (55317, 55331 & 55318). This map shows the zip code boundaries.

This map shows the current zoning of property within the City.


There are some fees associated with making copies of city maps.


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