Water Tower #3 Rehabilitation

Water Tower #3


Water Tower #3 is location near the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum off of Water Tower Place.  It is a steel hydropillar type of a tank.  The tank was originally constructed in 1999 with a water storage capacity of 1,500,000 gallons.  The interior and exterior coatings on the tower were from the original construction.  The coating on the exterior column was previously damaged and there were many spots rusting.  The water storage compartment on the interior was also exhibiting flash rusting.

The Utility and Engineering departments commissioned an inspection of the water tower by a specialty consultant including preparation of a report to identify the condition of the tower and make recommendations for improvements.  The coatings were approximately 20 years old at the time and had met and exceeded their design life.  Several structural improvements were also recommended.

A project was created to rehabilitate the water tower and prepare it for another 20-25 years of service for the community.  City Staff coordinated with the cellular providers that lease space on top of the tower to have their antenna equipment removed and relocated on to temporary poles on-site.  The tower was removed from service and drained prior to construction beginning.  The work is expected to take up to 18 weeks to complete the primary phase of construction.  This time frame does not include the cellular providers removing and re-installing their equipment.

Project Updates

September 10, 2019

All structural improvements have been completed.  The Contractor continues to blast and prime the exterior of the tank within the containment tarps and bonnet as the weather allows.  The Contractor has completed the exterior roof and the majority of the water holding tank area.  The Contractor is also working on the fluted exterior riser section.  The water holding area on the interior of the tank has been fully blasted and primed.  The Contractor works on the interior of the tank when weather does not facilitate working on the exterior.


Antenna Removal and Relocation April/May, 2019
Construction Start June, 2019
Construction Substantial Completion November, 2019
Antenna Re-installation December, 2019
Construction Final Completion June, 2020

Where Is Water Tower #3?

Water Tower 3 Map
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