New Residents / Billing Change

New Residents to the City of Chanhassen need to complete an Application for Utility Services and return it to city hall.

Rental Properties

will be billed to the property owner, NOT the tenant/renter; all accounts must remain in the property owner's name until there is a change in ownership due to a sale.

Utility Billing Options

Quarterly Billing

  • Receive utility bills electronically directly to your email or a paper statement mailed to your home.
  • Payment can be made by automatic withdrawal, online, or by check.
  • See Quick Links on the right for forms.

Monthly Billing

  • Must receive utility bills electronically, directly to your email.
  • Payment must be made by automatic withdrawal from your checking account. Payment is withdrawn on the due date listed on your utility bill.
  • See Quick Links on the right for forms.

Online Account Access

  • Access to your utility account online.
  • First time users must register using their city utility bill.
  • Once registered, residents are able to review utility bills, make payments, and view usage trends for their accounts.
Make changes to the way you receive or pay your utility bill by filling out the Change in Billing Form.