Canoe/Kayak Storage Rack

Canoe and kayak storage rack space is available from April 15 through November 1 (depending on ice conditions.)   Storage space will be available to Chanhassen residents ONLY during the 2020 season.

*Note that all watercraft must be registered with the State of Minnesota if required by state law.

Please send your completed application and payment to:

City of Chanhassen
Attn: Jerry Ruegemer
PO Box 147
Chanhassen, MN 55317


Location Number of Spots
Lake Ann Beach
1456 W 7th Street
18 spots
Carver Beach
6891 Lotus Trail
6 spots

Rental Fees

2020 Season
Chanhassen Residents


  • Identification on the watercraft must be stated on the rental application, including brand name, color, length, and Minnesota state watercraft registration number if required.
  • The City of Chanhassen will recognize only the person whose signature appears on the application as being the responsible holder of the canoe/kayak space. At no time may this individual sub-lease the use of the rented storage space.
  • Watercraft should not exceed the following dimensions:
    • 20' in length, 36" in width, and 20" in depth

Security & Liability:

  • Renters assume all risks to persons and/or property. The City of Chanhassen is not liable for any injury, damage, or loss that may occur, including vandalism, theft, and/or weather.
  • Renters are responsible for providing their own locking devices and watercraft should be secured on both ends of the watercraft.


  • No winter storage allowed.
  • ALL canoes/kayaks must be removed by November 1.
  • Canoes/kayaks left on the storage racks after November 1 may be impounded. A service charge of $50 will be required for owners to reclaim their watercraft.

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