Tree Rebates and Landscape Grants

Tree Rebates  

Rebates will be available for trees purchased and planted in 2022. $50 rebate per tree. Residents can apply for up to two rebates.
To apply online, click here.
To apply by mail or email, click here.
For more information contact Jill Sinclair, Environmental Resources Specialist at

Low Impact Development (LID) Landscape Grant
Qualified homeowners, businesses, and community groups are eligible to receive LID grants of up to $1000 for the installation of LID projects.  LID projects are development features installed with the purpose of managing and treating stormwater runoff.  Applicants are rated on the quantity of stormwater treated and the quality and proximity to the receiving body.  The dollar value granted must be equally matched by the project owner (i.e. a $500 project would get $250 from the LID grant program and the project proposer would need to contribute $250)
For more information, go to the Surface Water grant page