Sump Pumps


Sump pumps are not allowed to be discharged directly or indirectly into the sanitary sewer system. Sump pumps also may not be discharged into any public right-of-way. All discharge piping shall be installed in accordance with Section 19-44 of the Chanhassen City Code for more information.

It is also illegal to connect French drains, roof gutter drains, or foundation drains to your sanitary sewer. Consult a plumber to correct any illegal connections.

Improperly connected sump pumps cause a major problem because clean water is going to the wrong place. If your sump pump is improperly connected, rainwater can be directed into the sanitary sewer line. When this rainwater, ground water, or snow melt enters the waste water treatment system, it is known as inflow/infiltration. When this clear water enters the sanitary sewer system it overloads the capacity and can create backflow, flooding basements or causing manholes to pop open.


If you are experiencing drainage issues, the location of your sump pump discharge may be a contributing factor. Make sure sump pumps are directed away from structures like houses and garages, and preferably toward vegetated areas that are quickly able to absorb discharge. Consider neighboring property when directing discharge as well. Use existing drainage patterns to carry the water away.

A sump pump may not be discharged such that it creates a nuisance condition or creates a public safety concern such as when it is discharged in a manner that will result in icy conditions.

Drainage Issues

If you are experiencing issues with drainage please follow the link to Tips to Improve Drainage Issues.

Typical Designs for Drain Tile and Sump Pumps

In many cases, the City has installed drain tile at the back of curb of city streets. Where available, Chanhassen residents can make a “soft” connection to drain tile as shown in Typical Sump Pump Drain Connection below. Details can be found in the City’s Standard Specification and Detail Plates page.

Details of our Drainage and Sump Connections

4” Subsurface Drain Tile
Alternate 4” Subsurface Drain Tile
Subsurface PVC Drain Tile Cleanouts for Inline and End-of-Run Cleanouts
Typical Sump Pump Drain Connection
House Sump Pump Connection Detail