Administrative Duties

  1. Administrative Duties Issue Paper

Applied Ecological Services, Inc.

  1. Applied Ecological Services, Inc.

Article 5 - Chickens

  1. Article 5 - Chickens

Avienda Planning Case

  1. Avienda Planning Case

Brian Luce - Electrical Inspector

  1. Brian Luce - Electrical Inspector

Carver County Application to Combine Real Estate Parcels

  1. Carver County Application to Combine Real Estate Parcels

Carver County Environmental Center

  1. Carver County Environmental Center

Carver County Lot Combination Policy

  1. Carver County Parcel Combination Policy

Carver County Subdivision Policy

  1. Carver County Subdivision Policy

Carver County Taxes

  1. Carver County Tax Info

Christmas Lake

  1. DNR Lake Finder

City Code Pending

  1. City Code

Connection Newsletter Current Issue

  1. Chanhassen Connection Newsletter


  1. DNR Information

Development Review Application

  1. Development Review Application

Earthwork Fee

  1. Earthwork Fee Issue Paper


  1. EPA

Fees Amendment Ord

  1. Ordinance

Fire Ord Updates

  1. Draft Ordinance


  1. 9 Reasons to Plant a Tree

Golf Driving Ranges Issue Paper

  1. Golf Driving Range Issue Paper

Hennepin County

  1. Hennepin County Tax Info

Kennel Permits

  1. Commercial Kennel Permit

Lake Ann Map

  1. Lake Ann Map

Lake Place Information

  1. Lake Place Information

Lake Susan Map

  1. Lake Susan Map

Lake Virginia Regional Infiltration Project

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Figure 1
  3. Project Website

Lot Cover Calculation Sheet

  1. Lot Cover Calculation Worksheet

Metro Blooms

  1. Metro Blooms

Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative

  1. Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative

MnDOT - Email Updates

  1. MnDOT - Email Updates

Outdoor Storage Issue Paper

  1. Outdoor Storage Issue Paper

Outdoor Storage Ordinance

  1. Outdoor Storage Ordinance

Parking Spaces

  1. Ordinance

Planning Commission Handbook

  1. Planning Commission Handbook

Planning Commission Minutes dated 2/19/19

  1. Planning Commission Minutes dated 2/19/19

Plat Recording

  1. Plat Recording Issue Paper

Rain Barrels and Compost Bins

  1. Rain Barrel and Compost Bins

Riley-Purgatory-Bluff Creek Watershed District

  1. Riley-Purgatory-Bluff Creek Watershed District

RLM, R-8 and R-12 Zoning Districts

  1. RLM, R-8 and R-12 Zoning Districts Issue Paper

Septic Variances

  1. Septic Variances Issue Paper

TH 101 River Crossing

  1. MN River Flood Mitigation Study

Tree Surveys & Landscaping Standards

  1. Landscaping Standards & Tree Surveys

Useful Tips for Water Conservation

  1. Useful Tips for Water Conservation

Water Treatment

  1. Water Treatment Processes

Watercraft Issue Paper

  1. Watercraft Issue Paper

WaterSense Labeled Irrigation Controllers

  1. WaterSense Labeled Irrigation Controllers

Zoning Permit

  1. Zoning Permit

Zoning Permits Issue Paper

  1. Zoning Permits Issue Paper