What is a Pavement Management Program (PMP)?

The City of Chanhassen is responsible for the upkeep of 112 miles of city streets and 60 miles of trails. Since the start of the PMP in 1991, the city has made a commitment to provide residents with a systematic program of street and trail rehabilitation and repair in order to assure that the city streets and trails are serviceable, safe, functional, and provide a cost-effective approach to meet the needs of our residents. The City of Chanhassen’s PMP strives to expend taxpayer funds to ensure the most value for residents.

Every mile of street and trail is inspected every three years. Distresses such as potholes, cracking, rutting, etc. are entered into a computerized program to calculate a pavement condition numeric value. Streets that are new and have no distresses have a value of 100, while streets that have completely deteriorated have a value of 0. For the past 10 years, the city’s overall pavement network value has been around 70 and is considered to be in good condition. The pavement condition values assist staff in developing a list of streets and trails that are in need of maintenance. The goal of the program is to “do the right maintenance at the right time” so costly improvement projects can be delayed as long as possible.

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1. What is a Pavement Management Program (PMP)?
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