Are tip-ups allowed?

Yes, tip-ups are allowed. Please review the complete set of fishing contest rules and regulations, here. 

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1. Is there an admission fee for February Festival?
2. Is there an indoor space I can warm up at the event?
3. What are the prizes for the fishing contest?
4. How will prizes be awarded in the fishing contest?
5. Where can I find a complete set of fishing contest rules and regulations?
6. What is the cost of fishing contest tickets?
7. Where can I purchase fishing contest tickets? Can I purchase tickets day-of, on the ice?
8. How will I receive my fishing contest tickets?
9. Will there be pre-drilled holes at the fishing contest?
10. Are tip-ups allowed?
11. Can I utilize depth finders, underwater cameras, or fish houses in the fishing contest?
12. Can I bring a cooler or outside food/beverage?
13. Do I need a fishing license to participate in the fishing contest?