Sunshine Committee


The Sunshine Committee's responsibility is to plan, organize and execute employee events. The main source of funding is achieved from vending profits from the pop machines at city hall. Other funding comes from recycling pop cans, event fees, employee garage sales, etc. Profits are used to subsidize both the employee summer picnic and holiday party, as well as purchases for hospitalized and retiring employees as outlined in the Sunshine Committee's Policies.

The committee is comprised of one employee from each department. A commitment of one year is required; however, an employee may choose to remain on the committee for additional terms, if desired.

2015 Sunshine Committee Members
Administration Amy Seys
Parks & Recreation Katie Favro 952-227-1122
Finance Joleen Brager 952-227-1143
Planning Drew Ingvalson 952-227-1132
Building DeeAnn Triethart
Public Works Carole Johnson 952-227-1301
Engineering Alyson Fauske