Medallion Hunt

The Medallion has been FOUND!!!

Mike Thorud of Chanhassen found the medallion after the second clue. He received a prize pack valued at $500. The Medallion Hunt was sponsored by the City of Chanhassen and the Friends of the Chanhassen Library.

Below are all six clues and their meanings!

Clue #1

Hinton knew where to start,
his writing knows his subject's heart.
S. E. Hinton wrote the book The Outsiders, the medallion is hidden outside.

Clue #2

North by northwest won't get your there,
if you follow a road, make sure it has at least a pair.
South of 101.

Clue #3

It's cold and you're numb,
but we built it and they will come.
Field of Dreams, it's by a baseball field.

Clue #4

We don't have a speedway to race on here,
but in this fair town, please have no fear.
Bandimere Speedway in Morrison, Colorado.

Clue #5

Signs will direct you on what to expect.
Go past the wall and wait for the call.
Go past the wall in Bandimere Baseball, umpires make play calls.

Clue #6

Don't sit on your laurels or break out in quarrels.
The medallion is yours if you're down on all fours.
Under a bench.

Medallion Hunt Rules

  1. Search but do not destroy or damage any property. The City of Chanhassen reserves the right to terminate the hunt if property becomes damaged. The medallion will not be hidden under ground; nor will it be hidden at a height requiring special equipment to find it. A shovel may be useful if it is buried in the snow, but a metal detector is useless as the medallion is acrylic.
  2. The Chanhassen Library has resources that may help you solve some of the clues.
  3. The medallion must be found and the prize claimed by 4:30 pm on Monday, February 8 at Chanhassen City Hall.
  4. Employees of the City of Chanhassen and immediate family members are not eligible to win.