State Highway Projects

Highway 101 Corridor Study

Corridor scoping, environmental screening and preliminary design study report for the segment from Lyman Boulevard to the Scott County Line.

Highway 101 Improvements - Pioneer Trail to CSAH 61

The City of Chanhassen, in cooperation with MnDOT and Carver County, are in the process of completing design and environmental review documents for this remaining segment of Highway 101. Planning for these improvements is necessary to determine the proposed layout between Highway 212 and the Minnesota River. The preliminary design and environmental review process must address numerous constraints including steep grades/challenging topography, poor site distances and blind intersections, and limited right-of-way.

Highway 101 MN River Flood Mitigation/ Flying Cloud Drive (CSAH 61)

Carver County is heading up a project to construct a new Highway 101 bridge over the floodplain in Chanhassen. The raised roadway will minimize transportation disruptions caused by seasonal flooding of the Minnesota River Valley.

Highway 41 River Crossing

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has prepared a Tier I Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a new Minnesota River Crossing to connect Hwy. 169 and new Hwy. 212 in the vicinity of Hwy. 41. MnDOT is working with local governmental units, the Metropolitan Council, State and Federal resource agencies and other interested parties to study the need for and potential impacts of this project.

Highway 5 Improvements East of Chanhassen Between Highway 25 and County Road 11

Disclaimer: This project is not occurring in the city of Chanhassen but may have some affect on Highway 5 traffic during the construction period.

Minnesota River Flood Mitigation Study

Following the 2011 spring floods that forced the closure of Highways 41 and 101 and threatened closures of other Twin Cities Metro roadways, MnDOT Metropolitan District began a study to investigate options to reduce the effects of road closures caused by seasonal flooding in the Minnesota River Valley.

MnDOT Traveler Information Service

This State-sponsored website provides information on all State construction projects in the metro area.