Computer Classes

Basic Computer Instruction

Need help using the computer? We have computer tutors available to work with seniors one-on-one. You'll be guided on the basics of how to use email, the internet, and various software programs. Call 952-227-1125 to sign up for an appointment. Mutual times will be arranged by the instructor and participant. 

Senior Surf Days

Senior Surf Days provide hands-on computer training to seniors. These classes are geared to seniors who have little or no experience. Each class lasts approximately two hours; enough time for attendees to become familiar with the computer (mouse, keyboard and desktop) and learn the basics of surfing the internet. Seniors will learn how to type in a web address, how to navigate from one page to the next, how to determine whether or not a web site is secure, and how to conduct searches using common search engines. Seniors will also learn how to access internet sites that will assist them in obtaining information on their own. Classes are taught by representatives from the Senior LinkAge Line®. For information on class dates and how to register, see the Senior Program Brochure.

Defensive Driving

The Senior Center offers both a first-time defensive driving class (8 hours) and a refresher course (4 hours) for those who have taken the class before. An insurance discount certificate is given to everyon upon completion of the class. For information on class dates and how to register, see the Senior Program Brochure.

Additional Resources

Tax Assistance

Carver County Libraries offers FREE tax assistance to moderate income individuals and seniors mid-February through April. Contact the Library at (952) 227-1500 for more information.

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