Informational Handouts

  1. Decks - Attached

    Research helpful information for decks attached to structures.

  2. Decks - Unattached

    Learn important information about building freestanding decks.

  3. EPA Lead Paint Abatement

    Stay up to date on the latest EPA regulations regarding lead paint to avoid fines.

  4. Egress Windows

    Research the proper specifications required for basement egress windows.

  5. Fences

    Look through this document before you build a fence on your property.

  6. Outdoor Fireplaces

    Review the requirements for outdoor fireplaces before you build.

  7. Porches

    Browse the steps for adding or modifying a porch.

  8. Residential Re-Roofing

  9. Sheds / Playhouses

    Look through this information before building to find the restrictions for your application.

  10. Swimming Pools

    Review swimming pool requirements.