Plumbing Permits

Effective January 1, 2022: All “over the counter” permits must be applied for online. Click here to access our online permitting system. 


Plumbing permits are required for all new plumbing and additions or alterations to existing plumbing systems, including but not limited to installation or replacement of a dishwasher, water softener, water heater, and back flow preventer for a lawn irrigation system.

For gas fired water heater replacements, a fresh air intake must be installed if not existing. Plumbers are required to have a current state license and bond on file with the city prior to commencing any work.

New Homeowners Irrigation Information:

You may receive a letter from your irrigation contractor about the new 2015 Minnesota plumbing code stating you must have your pressure vacuum breaker (PVB) tested. The PVB on your house is a backflow prevention device which prevents irrigation water from getting into your drinking water supply. The new plumbing code does require these to be tested annually by a licensed tester, and a permit must be obtained. Documentation of the test reports must be submitted to the City. However, the new plumbing code only applies to installations after January 23, 2016. The code does not require an existing PVB to be tested on an annual basis; however, manufacturers installation instructions always required annual testing for all PVBs, but this was not a code requirement. If you prefer to have your PVB tested, it must be done by a licensed tester along with the proper permits and test reports submitted to the City.