Proposed Developments

Proposed Development Signs

Have you seen this sign around Chanhassen? When a land owner proposes development of their property the city posts these signs on the affected property approximately three weeks prior to the public hearing at the Planning Commission. The city encourages and welcomes public input and comments on development in our community.

The purpose of the sign is to inform the public of the proposal and invite public interaction.

Pending development applications are listed in the table below by category and can also be viewed by clicking on the left-hand links on this page.

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Pending Development Applications

Type Description
Residential 7721 Erie Avenue - Variance
204 West 78th Street - Variance
Eidsness - Subdivision & Variance
7052 Minnewashta Parkway - Variance
Commercial Paisley Park PUD Amendment
Miscellaneous (Variances, Interim Use Permits
Conditional Use Permits
Wetland Alteration Permits, etc.)

​None at this time

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