Development Applications


  • Review the Application Checklist for the type of application to be submitted to determine the specific ordinance and applicable procedural requirements.
  • Contact the Planning Department to schedule a pre-application conference with city staff.
  • Complete the Development Review Application. You will need Adobe Reader to view the form.
  • Print the form on your printer. Remember to proofread carefully.
  • Sign your form and return it with your check for the application fee along with any other information required (from the appropriate Application Checklist or as requested by staff).

Related Resources

PDF Documents require Adobe Reader to view.
Application Type
City Code Link
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Request for a land use map amendment, text amendment or MUSA boundary changes.

Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
Request for uses specified in the zoning district regulations as a conditional use.
Chapter 20, Article IV
Interim Use Permit (IUP)
Request to allow a temporary use of a property. Use must be shown as a permitted temporary use in the district regulations.
Chapter 20, Article IV, Division 5
Lot Line Adjustment
Request to accommodate a transfer or combination of land between adjacent separate lots. This allows legal transfer of ownership and minor relocation of property boundaries or combining lots for any recorded or unrecorded, subdivided parcel.

Request for a change in the zoning of a property.
Chapter 20, Article II, Division 2
Sign Plan Review
Review master sign plan for a development; usually done in conjunction with the site plan review
Chapter 20, Article XXVI, Division 1, Section 20-1267
Site Plan Review (SPR)
Review of development plans (architectural and site design) for multi-family, commercial, institutional or industrial projects.
Chapter 20, Article II, Division 6
Subdivision (SUB)
Review of division or platting of land for conveyance purposes.
Chapter 18
Vacation (VAC)
Withdrawal of city control of a public easement.

Variance-Subdivision (VAR)
Request for a deviation from city code (Chapter 18)
Chapter 18, Article II, Division 1, Section 18-22
Variance-Zoning (VAR)
Request for a deviation from city code (Chapter 20)
Chapter 20, Article II, Division 3
Wetland Alteration Permit (WAP)
Permits the filling or grading of a wetland
Chapter 20, Article VI
Zoning Appeal
Request to hear and decide appeals where it is alleged that there is an error in an order, requirements, decision, or determination made by a city administrative officer.
Chapter 20, Article II, Division 1
Zoning Ordinance Amendment (ZOA)
Request to amend a zoning ordinance.
Chapter 20, Article II, Division 2