Residential Development Landscape Screening


The City’s Landscaping and Tree Removal ordinance was not amended in 2004 to include the Residential Low and Medium Density (RLM) district and to remove the Agricultural Preservation (A1) District.


On May 24, 2004, the City Council passed a major amendment to the City’s zoning code which removed the A1 district and established the RLM district. Several sections within the City’s landscaping ordinance were not amended to remove references to the A1 district and incorporate the new RLM district. Ambiguity is also present within the ordinance due to the use of the term single-family development. Under the City’s definitions, twin homes are single-family developments. It is not clear if the intention is to require a buffer solely at the density threshold of four units an acre or whenever smaller lots or attached homes are present. Additionally, for reasons that are not clear, the verbiage of a section of the Code pertaining to Single-Family Residential districts was changed from “article” to “ordinance”. This change was not the result of a Code amendment and creates a potential for confusion. Staff recommends that the Code be amended to remove references to the A1 district, add references to the RLM district where appropriate, require buffers between low and medium/high density developments, and restore the use of the word “article”.

The following sections of the Chanhassen City Code are subject to changes:

  • Sec. 1-2: Defines multifamily as a building with three or more dwelling units and single-family as a building containing one dwelling unit with sub-definitions for single-family attached and detached dwelling units.
  • Sec. 20-1176(b): Exempts single-family developments in A1, A2, RR, RSF, and R4 from the landscape ordinance, save for provisions of 1176(f)(2)(e).
  • Sec. 20-1176(f)(2)(e): Requires type B buffer yards between medium density and large lot or low density residential developments, and type C buffer yards between high density and large lot or low density residential developments.
  • Sec. 20-1180(b)(2): States that principal and accessory structures in any R4, R8, R12, R16 district or PUD district with residential development over 4 units per acre shall be screened from lots located in any A1, A2, RR or RSF district.

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Date Meeting Type Action
May 17, 2022 Planning Commission Approve
June 13, 2022 City Council TBD