Kerber Boulevard Striping Project


The Kerber Striping Project was completed on Monday, August 30!  

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The City is planning to implement new striping to address speeding concerns.  The current road is 43 feet wide and has limited striping to define travel lanes.  The posted speed limit is 40 MPH, which is appropriate for the road classification and traffic volume. The new layout will create 12 foot wide drive lanes with 8 foot wide shoulders for parking. 

  1. Erik Henricksen

    Project Engineer
    Phone: (952) 227-1165

Existing Image of Kerber Blvd showing lane striping

Kerber Blvd Photo of proposed lines


Drivers will travel at speeds they feel are reasonable for the road and traffic regardless of the posted speed limit. Roads are designed to support certain vehicle types and speeds.  20 foot wide lanes can cause drivers to feel that faster speeds are safe and reasonable.

Studies show that there is little change in speed patterns after posting a lower speed limit, and drivers are much more influenced by changes to the roadway, its environment and conditions.  By “dieting” Kerber Boulevard from 20 foot wide lanes to 12 foot wide lanes, speeds will be more uniform creating a safer corridor.

Benefits include traffic calming and more consistent speeds by slowing down through-movement and redistributing space, and a more community-focused, “Complete Streets” environment that better accommodates the needs of all road users.

Plan ReviewCompleted - June 2021
Request for QuotesCompleted - July 2021
Striping ApplicationAugust 30, 2021