Speed Humps

The City of Chanhassen does not install speed humps (bumps) on our public streets for the following reasons:

  • Speed humps cause delays for police and fire vehicles of 3-10 seconds per hump.
  • Maintenance activities, including snow plowing, are significantly more difficult to accomplish.  In addition, they become a danger to the traveling public and maintenance staff when hidden by snow.
  • Negative impacts of increased braking and acceleration, such as an increase in CO2 emissions and a reduction in fuel efficiency.
  • Speeds may increase between humps as drivers try to make up for lost time.
  • Noise levels may increase.
  • Speeds may increase over time as drivers get used to the feel of the speed humps.
  • Traffic volume may be diverted to adjacent streets as drivers seek alternate routes to avoid the speed humps.
  • Some motorists may drive with their wheels in the gutter, bike lane, or road shoulder in order to minimize the impact of the humps.

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