30-20-10 Tree Diversity Standards for Subdivisions


The city’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan lists using the 30-20-10 rule as a policy for meeting its goal of maintaining a healthy and diverse urban forest; however, the existing landscaping and tree preservation ordinance does not contain this full standard.


Goal six of the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan’s Natural Resources Section is to “maintain a healthy and diverse urban forest”. One of the four polices enumerated to support this goal is “Continue to maintain a diversity of species in all public tree planting projects. At a minimum, use the 30-20-10 rule to select trees for projects.” The 30-20-10 rule is the principle that no more than 30 percent (30%) of trees should come from any one family, no more than 20 percent (20%) of trees should come from any one genus, and no more than 10 percent (10%) of trees should come from any one species. This minimum level of diversity helps to limit the amount of damage that a single disease, pest, or event can do to the city’s urban forest. 

Currently, the city’s subdivision ordinance requires that no more than ten percent (10%) of trees come from any one species, and that no more than 20 percent (20%) come from any one genus. Staff proposes to amend the City Code to include the “no more than 30 percent (30%) from family” provision in order to bring the subdivision ordinance in line with the 2040 Comprehensive Plan. 

The following section of the Chanhassen City Code is subject to changes:

  • Chapter 18 - Subdivisions

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April 16, 2019 Planning Commission Public Hearing Approved
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