Orchard Lane Area Street & Utility Reconstruction Project


This proposed project includes the reconstruction of streets in the Orchard Lane area in the summer of 2019. The proposed project includes replacement of water main under the street and water services from the water main to your property line, sanitary sewer repairs and stormwater management improvements. Pavement of West 64th Street will be rehabilitated with spot curb and gutter repairs along with replacement of a section of water main.

An adjustment to the City’s standard working hours for the contract has been approved by the City Engineer to be 7 am - 7 pm on Mon.- Fri. and 8 am - 5 pm on Sat. throughout the duration of the project.

​Project Updates

August 23, 2019

Starting Monday, August 26th, Phase 1 will have driveway paving, back filling and grading behind the curb, along with topsoil, in preparation for yard restorations and sod.  Irrigation and pet fences will be re-established later in the week.  The following week, yard restoration continues and sod will be placed.  The Phase 2 area will have temporary mail boxes put in place and temporary water will be hooked up early in the week of August 26th.  Utility work should take place starting Thursday in the intersection of Orchard Lane and Oriole Avenue.  The City is working closely with the school district to minimize back to school busing issues.  Contractors will continue to notify residents directly if they will be impacted by any significant limitations during construction.

August 21, 2019

Phase 1 paving will take place this Thursday, August 22nd.  For anyone whose garbage/recycling day is Thursday, please have cans at end of driveways Wednesday night or before 6:30 am Thursday morning as at that time the contractor will be bringing all cans outside the project limits for pick up.  Driveway paving and yard restoration will start Friday, August 23rd.  Phase 2 temporary water testing will take place this week.  Hook ups to homes shall occur on Monday, August 26th. Utility work also starts Week of August 26th.

August 16, 2019

During the week of August 19, temporary water will be installed in Phase II of the project followed by utility work beginning the week of August 26. Mailboxes will be removed the week of August 26 and replaced with temporary mailboxes at a location yet to be determined by the Post Office. Residents will be notified when a location is determined.

Project Schedule

Public Hearing October 22, 2018
Council Approves Plans & Specifications; Orders Ad for Bid              November 13, 2018              
Public Information Meeting January 17, 2019
Assessment Hearing; Award of Contract January 28, 2019
Construction Begins April 2019
Neighborhood Meeting April 24, 2019
Substantial Completion September 2019
Final Completion June 2020
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Project Notifications Disclaimer
Due to the variability of construction, updates typically do not include specific details such as day-to-day scheduled activity. The City's inspector or contractor will notify occupants directly if they will be impacted by a utility service shut down (example: water shutoff), or work (such as excavation or new curb) that will impede access to the property for a period of hours or days.