Tree Trimming


The Street Maintenance Department trims overgrown trees, bushes, etc. and mows grass and weeds within the city’s right-of-way that obstruct traffic sight lines at intersections and block traffic control and street signs.

If you observe a situation where sight lines or signage are obstructed, contact the Street Department at (952) 227-1300.

Note: Tree trimming to keep overhead power lines clear is conducted by the electric company providing the service (Xcel Energy or Minnesota Valley Electric Company), not the city.

Tree Limb Disposal

Tree branches, brush and leaves can be disposed of by contacting your garbage hauler, or by bringing them to the Carver County Environmental Center for a fee.

Coupons for the Carver County Environmental Center can be found in copies of the city's quarterly newsletter, the Chanhassen Connection, which is mailed to all city residents.