Small Cell Wireless Facilities-Ordinance 629


During the 2017 legislative session, the telecommunications industry sought to gain access to city rights-of-way (ROW), and city structures within those ROW, for small cell wireless facilities.  They were successful and the new law grants access to use the ROW and city poles and structures within the ROW throughout the city.  These small cell wireless facilities are the next generation of cellular equipment.  The facilities are thought to add capacity to the network, fill in small coverage gaps, and provide more data bandwidth.  Installation of these facilities are anticipated to first occur in more dense commercial and retail areas.  The area around US Bank Stadium will have this technology available for the Super Bowl.  Since the legislature established that these facilities can go in city ROW and on city-owned facilities, the City should establish an application process and determine what reasonable limits and conditions be placed upon these facilities in order to protect the health, welfare, and safety of its residents.


Date Meeting Type Action Taken
November 27, 2017 City Council Work Session To 12/11/17 CC Agenda
December 11, 2017 City Council TBD