Lake Susan Spent Lime Treatment Facility


A 2013 Use Attainability Assessment study for Lake Susan identified the wetland complex south of Lake Susan as a large source for external phosphorous loading into Lake Susan. To address this, the Riley-Purgatory-Bluff Creek Watershed District is working with the City of Chanhassen to construct a spent lime treatment facility in the Lake Susan Preserve. When completed, the inconspicuous structure will treat a 300-acre watershed. This watershed contributes approximately 76 pounds of phosphorous each year to Lake Susan. The spent lime facility will remove about 60% of that phosphorous.

Project Updates

Excavation of the site is complete. Forms will be placed to pour the bottom of the structure. The walls will be formed and poured on Friday, January 15 or Monday, January 18.


Project Phase
Construction Begins January 10, 2016
Substantial Completion
February, 2016
Final Completion, including plantings May 16, 2016